Q: Can I repair my car in a garage of my choice?

A: The warranty applies when we refer you to one of our authorised repair shops.

Q: Do I need to contact you for my recommended maintenance?

A: You may choose the place that best suits you to do your maintenance.

Q: Do I need to keep my vehicle’s proof of maintenance?

A: It is important to perform regular maintenance on your vehicle according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Please keep all proof of maintenance so that any future claim may be promptly processed.

Q: Why is it that your after hours service cannot refer me to an authorized repair shop?

A: The after hours service is provided to help you in an emergency situation by towing you to the nearest garage. Afterwards, it is necessary to contact a claims agent (available Monday to Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm) so that we can determine, according to the symptoms that your vehicle is demonstrating which repair shop best suits your needs.

Q: Why must I pay the towing and request a reimbursement afterwards?

A: The reimbursement for a towing expense is only applicable when a part covered under warranty necessitates a towing. Therefore, reimbursement for towing costs is provided after the claim is authorized.

Q: Why must I pay the towing and request a reimbursement afterwards?

A: This number confirms the commencement of your warranty contract. When you call us, we verify your coordinates and the chosen plan.

Q: Will I receive a card by mail for my warranty?

A: National Warranty does not provide a card. However, if you choose to adhere to the roadside assistance plan you will receive a card.

Q: I was told that my car was covered "bumper to bumper", but this is not the case, why?

A: “Bumper to bumper” is a popular expression that is commonly used. It refers to a complete warranty. Please take the time to read your contract. Each part that is covered is listed.

Q: I went on the website, there is no way to access a list of repair shops, why?

A: Our claims agents need to have a general idea of the vehicle’s problem and your location in order to determine the right place to repair your vehicle.

Q: Can I transfer the contract to my next car?

A: The warranty is attached to the vehicle and not its owner. You have the possibility to transfer the warranty to the next owner of the vehicle, subject to the payment of an administration fee. Please note that the transfer must be carried out within seven days following the sale of the vehicle.